How to Increase Mshwari Loan Limit

Are you tired of the constant headache and wondering how to increase Mshwari Loan Limit? Have you applied for several loans on Mshwari only to be disappointed by the low amount given to you, not enough to meet your emergency needs? Ever wondered why your Mshwari loan limit never increases?

Then wonder no more. In this blog post, we’ll walk through simple steps that will help maximize your Mshwari loan limit and give you access to money when it matters most.

We’ve included tips on credit history management and strategies for getting approved more often so that accessing funds can be quick and easy! So if you’re looking to increase your Mshwari Loan Limit, read on!

How to Increase Mshwari Loan Limit

But before we begin, here is what you need to know first. According to an article by Business Daily Africa, Safaricom shifted all loans below Ksh 2000 to the Fuliza overdraft facility. Here is why

Before Covid19 hit us, increasing your Mshwari loan limit with as few tricks as possible was easy. Then covid struck, and there were massive job cuts and losses. Everyone switched to survival mode and started borrowing loans from Mshwari and other loan apps. Others ended up selling their possession to shylock to survive.

But for hustlers, the struggle was real, and many individuals either delayed paying their small Mshwari loans on time or defaulted.

At this moment, Safaricom and NCBA decided to raise the minimum loan limit of Mshwari to Ksh 2000, migrating small loan borrowers to Fuliza. beloThis move was meant to curb defaults from borrowers taking small loan amounts.

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Now, how can you increase your Mshwari loan limit? You must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you can handle a higher loan limit.

From my point of view, if you are disciplined enough. i.e

  • Good credit score
  • Better loan repayment history (On time or before time)
  • Saves and transact more on Mshwari and Mpesa, respectively.

Mshwari should have no reason to deny you a higher loan limit. If you meet the above criteria and still have no increase in loan limit, then it is high time you give Mswari a call or a visit.

How does Mshwari determine your loan limit?

Mshwari uses a simple algorithm from your SIM card to determine your creditworthiness and hence your loan limit. Mshwari collects data from your phone, especially Mpesa traction messages, through its SIM card. Remember, they are the owners😜. Other details may include things such as:

  • Mshwari savings amount and history (How often do you save).
  • The type of phone
  • Call logs and history
  • Location
  • Phone book
  • Airtime and data top-up and, generally, phone usage.

This information is then used to calculate your loan limit.

How to Unlock Mshwari Loan Limit

Many of you have been asking why your m-shwari loan limit is zero. Your mshwari loan limit is zero if:

  • Your Safaricom Line is less than six(6) months old
  • You have NO savings on Mshwari
  • Your line is dormant; you do not actively use other Safaricom services such as voice, SMS, data, and M-PESA. Uko tu!

On the other hand, if you wish to unlock your mshwari loan limit, then you need to:

  • Save more on Mshwari
  • Transact more on Mpesa
  •  Keep your line active by topping up airtime and buying data bundles via Mpesa.
  • Lastly, to build a higher loan limit, remember to transact large amounts on your mpesa.

How to Restore Mshwari Limit

To restore your Mshwari limit, you have to:

  • Repay your outstanding Mshwari loan
  • Check and clear your name from CRB if you have been blacklisted.
  • Save more on Mshwari.
  • Call Mswhari customer care to ask for a restoration of your loan limit.

Remember, it will take time before they can trust you with their money again if you defaulted on the previous loan.

In short, If you want to increase your Mshwari loan limit, exercising discipline is the key! Ensure you have a good credit score and a good loan repayment history.

Simon Mwangi
Simon Mwangi
As a freelance writer with a background in banking and accounting, Simon has the financial know-how to produce quality content on various topics. His experience gives him a strong foundation in understanding complex financial concepts and communicating them in an easy-to-understand way. Follow him on Linkedin


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