List of M-KOPA Phones and Prices

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable phone? Look no further than M-KOPA phones! M-KOPA is an East African mobile phone company that provides quality handsets and services at reasonable prices.

With so many models to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Here we will explore the different types of phones available from M-KOPA and their prices.

So if you’re in the market for a new phone without breaking the bank, read on to find out what M-KOPA offers!

List of M-KOPA Phones and Prices

M-KOPA Phone list and prices are essential for understanding the range of mobile devices offered by M-KOPA and how much each costs.

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About M-Kopa

M-Kopa has revolutionized the way Kenyans access mobile phones. M-Kopa is a mobile phone service provider that offers affordable handsets and services to low-income earners in Kenya.

M-KOPA phones are available in different models, sizes, and features at an attractive price. The company also provides easy payment plans for customers who cannot afford to pay upfront for their M-KOPA devices. This makes it possible for people of all financial backgrounds to enjoy owning a reliable smartphone without breaking the bank.

List of M-KOPA Phones and Prices

The following is a list of the M-KOPA phones and their corresponding prices.

Phone Type Deposit Ksh Repayment Period Daily Payment in Ksh
Nokia C1 2,699 365 35
Nokia C01 Plus 3,299 365 40
Nokia 1.4 3,999 365 50
Nokia C10 3,299 365 40
Nokia C20 3,999 365 45
Nokia C21 3,999 365 50
Nokia C21 Plus 4,699 365 55
Nokia C30 4,299 365 55
Nokia G10 3,699 365 60
Nokia G20 4,999 365 70
Nokia G21 4,999 365 70
Nokia 5.4 5,499 365 85
Nokia G50 9,499 365 140
Nokia X10 7,999 365 100
Samsung A02 3,499 365 55
Samsung AO3 3,499 365 60
Samsung AO3 Core 3,999 365 50
Samsung A03s 3,999 365 65
Samsung A12 4,499 365 70
Samsung A13 5,999 365 90
Samsung A22 5,999 365 85
Samsung A23 7,499 365 100
Samsung A33 10,999 365 170

Frequently Asked Questions about M-kopa Phones

How do I get an M-KOPA phone?

You can purchase an M-KOPA device through authorized retailers in Kenya or online. Once you have purchased a phone, it will be activated within 24 hours.

Which phones are available on M-KOPA?

M-KOPA offers a range of smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. The most popular models include the Samsung A03, Nokia C20, and Samsung A12.

Does M-KOPA belong to Safaricom?

NO, M-KOPA is an independent company and does not belong to Safaricom.

Does M-KOPA have Samsung phones?

M-KOPA offers a wide range of Samsung phones, including the popular models A03 and A12.

Can I borrow cash from M-KOPA?

Yes, M-KOPA offers loan facilities through their App for customers with good loan repayment history.

What happens when you fail to pay for M-KOPA phones?

If you fail to make daily/weekly payments for your M-KOPA phone, the device will be locked until you repay the outstanding amount. Any future loans taken from M-KOPA may also be put on hold until all outstanding loans are repaid.

What happens when you finish paying M-KOPA phone?

Once you have paid off your M-KOPA phone, you will be issued a certificate of ownership. This document will prove that you are the rightful owner of the device and can be used to prove it in case of theft or loss.

You will no longer need to make daily/weekly payments toward your M-KOPA phone.

In conclusion, M-KOPA is a reliable and affordable mobile phone company that offers Kenyans quality handsets and services at reasonable prices.

With its wide range of devices and easy payment plans, you can confidently purchase a stylish, practical smartphone without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Check out their list of phones and find the perfect one for you!

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