How to Buy Airtel Data Bundles

Airtel is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Kenya. It offers a wide range of services, including data bundles. If you want to buy Airtel data bundles, this post is for you! In this post, I’ll show you how to purchase an Airtel data bundle and what each bundle offers. Stay tuned!

In 2003, Airtel launched its first data service as a pre-paid card. Since then, Airtel has continuously introduced new and innovative customer data plans.

 In 2010, Airtel became the first operator in India to launch 3G services. Today, Airtel has many customer data plans across all pre-paid and post-paid segments.

How to Buy Airtel Data Bundles

Here is how you can purchase Airtel data bundles:

  1. Dial *544# from your Airtel line and press on the call button.
  2. Select/ Enter Option 1 (Data (Amazing) and press on send.
  3. Select your preferred data plan and click on send.
  4. Choose between making the subscription once or buying on auto-renew and press on send.
  5. Finally, enter option 1 (Accept) and click on send.

 How to buy Airtel data bundles through mpesa

Just like how to buy Airtel Airtime from MpesaYou may want to know how to buy Airtel bundles from Mpesa. If that is the case, you are in the right place.

It would be best if you kept in mind that; you will first buy the specific amount of airtime from Mpesa, then you will later buy the required bundles.

That said, I will take you through the procedure of buying internet bundles from Mpesa easily and quickly.

Step 1: Go to sim toolkit and select Mpesa

Step 2: Choose the Lipa Na Mpesa option

Step 3: Select the Paybill option

Step 4: Enter the business number, which is 220220

Step 5: Enter your Airtel number as your Account number

Step 6: Enter the amount of airtime you wish to spend

Step 7: Enter the Mpesa pin, then click OK

Step 8: Go to the Airtel sim card, then input the *544# code.

Step 9: Select the data bundles option.

Step 10: Buy the number of bundles of your choice.

That is how to buy Airtel bundles from Mpesa effortlessly.

Using those procedures will help you to conduct your activities smoothly. The invention of the process has made work more manageable.

How to buy Airtel data bundles for another number

Purchasing data for another line on the same Airtel network should be accessible. You only need to follow a few steps;

  • Ensure you have sufficient airtime before proceeding.
  • On your phone, dial *544#
  • Then select “Gift a bundle.
  • Choose the data offer you want to buy from the available options, i.e., Amazing or UnlimiNET.
  • Enter the phone number of the recipient/beneficiary.
  • Choose your preferred data package such as Ksh. 10 for 100MB (50 + 50-night data) on Amazing packages.
  • Confirm if it’s a recurring purchase or buys once
  • You’ll receive a text message confirming the transaction and on the benefiting Airtel number.

Below are the various Airtel data bundle plans that you can purchase.

Airtel Data Bundles Plans

Through the Amazing Data Bundles package, Airtel gives customers free 500MB daily to purchase select bundles. Moreover, Airtel offers free WhatsApp if you buy certain bundles. Below is a breakdown of the Amazing Data Bundles.

Daily Bundles

Bundles Cost (Ksh) Validity Duration
70MB 10 24 Hours
200MB + FREE WhatsApp 20 24 Hours
500MB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 500MB 50 24 Hours
2GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 500MB 99 24 Hours


Seven-Days Bundles

Bundles Cost (Ksh)
350MB + FREE WhatsApp 50
750MB + FREE WhatsApp 100
2.5GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 3.5GB 250
6GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 3.5GB 500

30-Days Bundles

Bundles Cost (Ksh)
3GB + FREE WhatsApp 300
5GB + FREE WhatsApp 500
12GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 1000
20GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 1500
30GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 2000
50GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 3000

90 – Days Bundles

Bundles Cost (Ksh)
25GB 3000
55GB 6000
90GB 9000

Kopa Internet

You can borrow internet bundles and repay within 72 hours. Here are the bundles you can borrow:

Bundle Price (Sh) Service Fee (Sh) Amount Owed (Sh) Validity
70MB 10 1 11 One day
200MB + FREE WhatsApp 20 2 22 One day
2GB + FREE WhatsApp 99 11 110 One day
350MB + FREE WhatsApp 50 5 55 Seven days

Blended Bundles

Blended packages are among the competitive Airtel bundles. Customers get a blend of voice, SMS, and data with one plan.


Unliminetis a pre-paid blended bundle that offers free WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook data up to 100MB each day and the following:

Daily Plan

Price Data (MB) SMS Voice (Min)
20 100 20 10
50 200 100 25
100 400 500 60

Weekly Plan

Price Data SMS Voice (Min)
50 200MB 50 15
250 1GB 500 100
300 1.5GB 1000 100
500 2.5GB 2500 300

Monthly Plan

Price Data SMS Airtel to Airtel Per Day (Min) Other Networks Per Month (Min)
399 1GB 100 100
500 3GB 1,000 150 150
1000 8 + FREE 15GB 2,000 400 400
2000 20 + FREE 15GB 10,000 1200 1200

Unused bundles will roll over after renewal. Moreover, you will pay Sh0.2 per MB once you diminish your data.

Unlimited Hybrid

Here are the plans you can buy under this post-paid bundle:

Plan 500 Hybrid 1000 Hybrid 2000 Hybrid
Cost (Ksh) 500 1000 200
Minutes Across All Networks 150 400 1200
SMS 1,000 2,000 10,000
Data 2.5GB 8GB 20GB

These plans are valid for 30 days. To subscribe, fill in the contact form available on the website. You can send the filled form via email or submit it to the nearest Airtel shop. Indicate your monthly usage limit when registering.

When you use your plan, you will pay Sh2.3 per minute to all networks, Sh4 per MB and Sh1 per SMS.

Subscribers should pay for their plan on the 21st of each month. If you fail to pay on time, Airtel will disconnect your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Smart Postpaid Plans?

  • Hassle-Free: High volumes of voice, data, and SMS ensure you don’t get cut off.
  • Data: Unused data is carried over to the following month.
  • Across Networks: Minutes and SMS can be used across networks.
  • Affordability: Value for money

What happens when my Smart Postpaid resources run out?

You will be billed at a special rate as below

 Calls at KSH. 2.3/= per minute to all networks

Data will be charged at 30 cents per MB Ø SMS will be charged at Ksh 1 per SMS

What is the validity period for the Smart post-paid bundles?

 Ø The bundles have a validity of one month.

How do I purchase a new Data bundle when my Smart Postpaid data runs out?

 Ø To purchase another bundle, dial *544# and select your preferred bundle. Please note this will not be a Smart Postpaid bundle but a regular data bundle.

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